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En bild från en plats jag älskar / A photo from a place I love: - - - - - BERLIN. ALWAYS. - En bild från ett tillfälle då jag kände mig snygg / A photo from a day I felt pretty: - - - - Rosa hår + spets /...


- The highlights of 2016 part 3 - - - SEPTEMBER - - - - I was the event photographer at the gala Guldknappen for Damernas Värld. My friend Leslie performed and the night was amazing! - - - - - - Then I got invited to Copenhagen by Maybelline for their strobing party. I shared rooms with Salem and...

just a list

- How was your day? - Good! I've been awake for 3 hours so I've basically been having a late Sunday brunch, edited some pics and made some plans for the upcoming week. I'm soon leaving to meet some friends at Beyond Retro! - - What would your parents had...


- I DO: not listen to music while I workout. - I CAN: sing along to Cornelis Vreeswijk, ride a horse, do the moon walk and snap my fingers. - - I BUY: popcorn, weird vintage clothes and a crochet hook. - I SHOULD: practice for my driving license. - - I HAVE TO: have a...

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