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oktober 2016


- I'm off to a halloween party! Dressed as a panda. Or at least I'm wearing makeup like one. Cheers! ...


- WATCH - BOOMWATCHES | FAUX FUR - VINTAGE IN COLLABORATION WITH BOOMWATCHES - Remember I told you about my bag in the previous post? Then I explained how I bought it vintage, then found a silver chain and a key chain for it to make it more unique. I currently have...

the bag

- I bought this bag at a thrift shop for about a year ago. I really love this little thing, it's in the perfect size and has 5 inner pockets so I can have my things nicely sorted at all times. - - A few months ago, I felt...


- I DO: not listen to music while I workout. - I CAN: sing along to Cornelis Vreeswijk, ride a horse, do the moon walk and snap my fingers. - - I BUY: popcorn, weird vintage clothes and a crochet hook. - I SHOULD: practice for my driving license. - - I HAVE TO: have a...


- LH COSMETICS - LAUNCH PARTY W/ HOSS EVENTS PHOTOS BY OSSIAN LANGENBORG - I fredags dansade jag till Miriam Bryant på Birger Jarlsgatan för att fira att bästa Linda har släppt sitt egna makeup-märke. Kvällen glittrade,...

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